LBYHs mission includes the following: Provide a safe, healthy and fun environment in which to learn the game of hockey. Offer boys and girls the opportunity to participate and play hockey in a manner that fosters sportsmanship and fair play through
  2018-19 Squirt Program    
  Squirt AAA    
  Coach TBD  
  Last Name First Name Position
1 Maio Liam Goalie
2 Bhandari Arjun Player
3 Campos John Player
4 Fainelli Matteo Player
5 Fehm Caleb Player
6 Gude Karl Player
7 Hale Kenneth Player
8 Jenness Ryan Player
9 LaCamera Owen Player
10 Neale Aiden Player
11 Pechinsky Andrew Player
12 Rinaldi Timothy Player
13 Siciliano Will Player
14 Siwik Dylan Player
15 Stewart Paul Player
16 Yu Aaron Player
  Squirt AA1    
  Coach TBD  
  Last Name First Name Position
1 McKenna Liam Goalie
2 Collin James Player
3 Fehm Luca Player
4 Finnegan William Player
5 Kingsbury Brady Player
6 Machado Noah Player
7 Majumbadr Ryan Player
8 Mare Alessandro Player
9 Naylor Henry Player
10 O'Leary Connor Player
11 Piantedosi Nicholas Player
12 Roy Coulson Player
13 Savage Matthew Player
14 Schroeder Franz Player
15 Snail Patrick Player
16 Tang Charles Player
  Squirt A1 and A2    
  Coach TBD  
  Coach TBD  
  Last Name First Name Position
1 Murnaghan James Goalie
2 Anand Rahul Player
3 Babson Elizabeth Player
4 Beaulieu Connor Player
5 Broglino Ricky Player
6 Cameron Matthew Player
7 Cartin Dylan Player
8 Chriss Zoya Player
9 Doyle Eliza Player
10 Henning Cameron Player
11 Hsu Sean Player
12 Keene Adam Player
13 Kim Hawon Player
14 Li Austin Player
15 Liu Henry Player
16 Maloney Sadie Player
17 Mantha Cameron Player
18 McGrath Kyle Player
19 Monaco Lyla Player
20 Murnaghan Luke Player
21 OBrien Olivia Player
22 Reznik Benjamin Player
23 Splagounias Vasilis Player
24 Tassinari Teighan Player
25 Taylor Arden Player
26 Urdan Max Player
27 Vasanthan Sahieshnu Player
28 Woo Melanie Player
29 Zhang Xiran Player