LBYHs mission includes the following: Provide a safe, healthy and fun environment in which to learn the game of hockey. Offer boys and girls the opportunity to participate and play hockey in a manner that fosters sportsmanship and fair play through

LBYH U10 Parents and Players - Today LBYH has not finalized the GU10 Roster. We will be updating and communicating the GU10 roster as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience as we try to do the best we can for your hockey player and if you know girls who may want to play please direct them to the LBYH website ( ) to contact us about next season.

Thank you,
The LBYH Board of Directors


  GU12 Team    
  Coach TBD  
  Last Name First Name  
1 Bazos Willa  
2 Bruce Emerson  
3 Carney Katherine  
4 DiCerbo Ava  
5 Drummond Katie  
6 Fainelli Gabriella  
7 Hale Harriet  
8 Libby Emily  
9 McEachern Anna  
10 Mead Laney  
11 Missiti Gianna  
12 Ortyl Sophie  
13 Roy Read  
14 Silva Addie  
15 Stewart Jane  
16 Weisman Healy  



The GU14 program has experienced very large growth over last season. As a result, we have created (2) GU14 teams. Based on current numbers, it is likely 4 players from the GU14 Blue team will be moved to the GU14 Gold team.  If the total number of players accepting roster spots decreases, that number may change. The GU14 coaches will announce the final rosters in September.

  GU14 Gold Team    
  Coach Billy Graham
  Last Name First Name  
1 Cassidy Lena  
2 Cincotta Annabel  
3 Fehm Ruby  
4 Graham Mackenzie  
5 Kelly Elizabeth  
6 Libby Allison  
7 Lonczak Ainsley  
8 Mahoney Sabrina  
9 Minasian Angelina  
10 Riley Erica  
11 TBD    
12 TBD    
13 TBD    
14 TBD    


  GU14 Blue Team    
  Coach Matt DiGiovanni
  Coach Cristina DiGiovanni
  Coach Stephanie Buonopane
  Last Name First Name  
1 Abela Adriana  
2 Babson Caroline  
3 Barrett Isabella  
4 Harris Miranda  
5 Hurley Amber  
6 Julien Katryna  
7 Kelly Fiona  
8 Larrabee Isabel  
9 Moore Jacqueline  
10 Murray Katie  
11 Noyes Sarah  
12 Orlova Alyssa  
13 O'Shaughnessy Kaitlyn  
14 Roy Galen  
15 Stewart Mary  
16 Tashjian Regina  
17 Voss Rebecca  



U19 Parents and Players –

We have 26 skaters and 2 goalies at the U19 level and USA and MA hockey only allow a total of 20 players to be rostered on a team so instead of making cuts we have decided to divide the girls into 2 teams.  Both teams will practice together and will play at the same level in the league.  We realize having 13 skaters and a goalie on a team at this level is not ideal because girls have game conflicts in the fall due to high school sports and fall select hockey teams, so we are encouraging the coaches to allow as many girls as possible to play on both teams when the teams are short players.

We looked at several ways to divide the teams up and decided to do it by year of birth.  All girls born in 2000 and 2001 will be on one team and all the girls born in 2002 and 2003 will be on the other.  By dividing the girls by year of birth gets us to a perfect 13 players and a goalie per team. The coaches will be Steve Geldart and Charlie Minasian for the ’00 &’01 team and Tom Bryant for ’02 & ’03.  The coaches will run the teams as one big team and will work together to have full teams at each game.

Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the LBYH girls hockey coordinator, Charlie Minasian ( ) or to Tom Bryant ( )


  Girls U19 Gold    
  Coach Steve Geldart
  Coach Charlie Minasian
  Last Name First Name  
1 Barrett Alie  
2 Benjes Jackie  
3 Burke Ashley  
4 Doubek Susan  
5 Geldart Elizabeth  
6 Harris Payton  
7 Herbert Isabel  
8 Hunt Niamh  
9 Kefallinos Paola  
10 McCarthy Natalie  
11 Minasian Jacqueline  
12 Murphy Margaret  
13 Rihcards Cameron  
  Girls U19 Blue    
  Coach Tom Bryant
  Last Name First Name  
1 Bryant Madelin  
2 Cincotta Annabel  
3 Dawson Lilia  
4 Devine Katie  
5 DiGiovanni Catherine  
6 Eastridge Audrey  
7 Harris Sierra  
8 Larrabee Isabel  
9 Mahoney Sabrina  
10 Murphy Sarah  
11 Roy Galen  
12 Tagliamonte Gabriella  
13 Titemore Renee  
14 Zermani Nicole